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Uniting The Worlds

All journeys begin with a first step, an initiative. Here at Scribesprite we offer the chance for Mortals and Entities to take the step to communicate, reconnect, and to become united as our ancestors once were.


Pledging An Ally

Much has occurred within the Second World over the last Millenia, Entities from all empires are now searching for Mortal Allies to assist them in the War that is coming, the largest war since the War of Lethera. A Mortal ally who can influence the Second World is an opportunity in which SROS of Rothea has blessed Scribesprite to give and will only select Mortals who are most suitable. 

Mortals and Entities will be paired by ScribeSprite and will be given the opportunity to communicate freely, privately, and securely. The political positions of Entities will vary between the individual, some may be bystanders with no standing at all and may simply wish to communicate with a Mortal, regardless of this- Pledging An Ally will mean that both parties will be linked to each other as the Allies of their respective realms, however there is the option to switch an Entity/Mortal within the initial contact phase, or to be paired with an additional ally after being selected.

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