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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like my parcel?

If you are unhappy with the ScribeSprite service, please send us an email with the issue and we will do our best to resolve the problem.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are processed immediately. Any cancellations made three days after payment will not be refunded.

I want to change or add an Entity partner!

There is an allegiance badge- Rothean Badge of Honour that update every season. Every patron will be given the option to change their Entity or continue with their Entity with a renewal or purchase of a badge.
Please note that changing your Entity will impact the relationship and you may not be able to contact them again. 
To add more Entity Partners, human patrons must purchase another Rothean Badge.

What does it mean when trust is advanced?

Entities are cautious and/or shy and may not reveal or tell truths to a mortal initially, however through consistent communication trust can be built and more intimate questions will result in more genuine answers from your Entity(s).

For Mortal allies holding badges, relationships with your Entity is of high importance as you assist in directing them in their travels, as the higher the trust the more Entities will trust you in guiding their actions in the Second World.

Trust may be more difficult to gain from certain Entities and some may manipulate mortal patrons unless they advance the relationship with either communication or suitable gifts.

My Entity is in trouble, what do I do?

Sometimes Entities may encounter danger, here are ways you can help:

  • Message a fellow member or badge holder and request their Entity reach out to yours. (ScribeSprite recommends not contacting Entities that are at war with your Entity race to assist your Entity)

  • Post in the forums to see if other allies can help.

  • Send medicines or boosters to your Entity. (ie Kelp or seaweed can assist Merfolk if they are wounded.) 

  • Send a mortal blessed artifact to your Entity.

  • Assist your Entity with words and advice on how to move forward. Sometimes when Entities are either wounded or in a daze, they cannot make proper decisions.

How do I bless an artifact?

Mortals have a long history of magick bending and are capable of activating their abilities through meditation and focused energy. Blessing an artifact can be as simple as touching the object for very strong minded mortals. However it is an ability not all mortals have a naturally strong skill in, here are some tips from us:

  • Depending on the artifact, to begin a blessing one must clear their mind and preferably hold the artifact while they clear.

  • Some artifacts require the Mortal ally to hold it over an element (fire, water, air, earth etc) to bless it.

  • Some artifacts will have a compartment or cavity in which one may place ingredients in, in this case a Mortal ally to properly bless the object. 

  • Inspect the artifact for any of the listed above, and any symbols that you could infer. 

  • Some artifacts have compartments that Entities cannot access or discover with their eyes and can only be seen by a mortal, often these compartments will have secrets- secrets worth blessing and notifying your Entity.

Why do Entities need Mortal Blessed Artifacts or need help from a human?

Simply speaking, mortals possess magick that vibrate at a different wavelength compared to Entity magick. This means that with the access to another channel of energy vibration, Entities would be able to access different magick capabilities that their ancestors were able to cast, including producing ancient Golums, Angel summoning and more. 

Before the War of Lethera, humans and Entities lived in unity and provided mutual assistance for thousands of years, developing a complex system of magick and technology that require both energies to produce. Since the division, humans have widely lost the knowledge and abilities to reconnect with their magickal roots- while Entities haven't lost too much of their knowledge, they will inevitably soon arrive to the same fate if things remain the same.

Supporting ScribeSprite supports the movement against division and power to Unity!

Trust Advance
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