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White Sheet

What Happens

Rothea grants badges for safe passage for all those who travel with a Mortal Ally.

Some badges grant exclusive benefits to Entities to assist them in their endeavors. 

The Initial Phases

Initial Letter

The ice-breaker phase, ScribeSprite will require both entities to prepare three questions for their ally beforehand.

This will be seen as an act of peace between parties as well as a building toward

Trust Advancement

The Parcel
(for select badges only)

The Entity will send a personal Parcel to their Mortal ally, often along with a letter that answers the Mortal ally's initial questions in the Initial Letter Phase. 

Trust Building

Letters will be exchanged between allies to advance trust 
Until the expiry of the badge.

The Journey

After establishing the beginning of a new allegiance, loyal allies may continue their journey into the Second World with these following badges.

Rothean Badge of Honour

After receiving a

Rothean Badge, mortal allies will have the opportunity to renew the badge after its expiry and continue communicating with their Entity, or to connect with a new Entity-

leaving the last unless you pledge to both.

(We recommend Mortal allies withhold disclosing primary ally information to the additional Entities.)

Renewing or Pledging a new Ally will both result in the opportunity for your Entity to send a personal parcel.

Rothean Badge of Allegiance

Mortal allies will have the opportunity to continue their letter service by renewing an existing badge or registering for a Rothean Badge of Allegiance, the choice to continue with their current Entity, to pair with a new Entity or to add another Entity is available with this badge as well.

Pin of The Dragon's Hand

This pin is only available to a small number of allies.

If a Mortal ally receives the

Pin of The Dragon Hand, it will grant their Entity access to a Dragon, in which to both their discretion, will communicate with and may receive highly valuable items or intel that may heavily impact politics of cities, empires or the course of the entire war.

Mortal and Entity allies upon receiving the

Pin of The Dragon Hand will receive two parcels containing items that will assist in their endeavor to the selected Dragon.

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