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Kingdom Rothea

A north western kingdom around Tatshenshini-Alsek, established 500 years before The War of Lethera. Famed for its movement to unite the nations and empires, Rothea is a neutral Kingdom aiding the war against the Shadowfell expansion and the Valentin overtaking.

Nicknamed 'home', for its welcoming and hospitable environment, Rothea is a proven society with a diverse demographic.

Ruled by King Virgill Sentin II, Son of King Virgill Sentin, descendent of Queen Met, and Queen Miriah.

  • House Sigil is of a golden heart. "Power In Unity" , banner colours of Gold and Red.


Kingdom Barathorn

A neutral hybrid kingdom in Estonia (Metsküla). Currently ruled by King Jukka Järvinen (Warlock), son of King Alfred Järvinen (Warlock).

  • Kingdom Barathorn has a sigil of a Green Phoenix, "In Fire We're Born"
    Banners colour of Green and Red.

  • The Green Phoenix refers to an old tale of
    King Troy II; an ancient Warlock king of Barathorn who brought a mortal woman back to life with alchemy and other elements that enveloped her with fire, a spell he taught to his disciples and later seen used during the War of Lethera. Legends say that the resurrected mortal was a woman King Troy II fell in love with outside of his marriage- her nickname being the Green Phoenix.


Kingdom Sades

A kingdom in Greece (mount Olympus), hidden in the valleys between the "Twin Brothers". Populated by Nymphs- Nereids, Naiads, and Forest Elves. A colourful society known for the beauty of its people and the elegance of their luxuries. Ruled by Queen Kethera Leos (Forest Elf, Dark Elf), daughter of King Mars Vethus Leos,
Sister of King Vethus I.


  • Kingdom Sades has a sigil of a Winged Siren,
    "As Above So Below"
    Banners colour of Blue and Green.


Kingdom Palusons

A Dwarven kingdom residing in the middle of North America. Ruled by King Aer Vice, son of King Valen Vice. The people of the kingdom are all skilled in blacksmithing and crafting of weaponry- the last smith kingdom of the Second World.

  • House Sigil is of a fist and an anvil,
    "With The Earth In Our Veins" ,
    banner colours of Silver and Brown.

  • The last surviving house of the seven kingdoms of smiths, PalusSons are known as the 'Swamp Lords' for the climate their kingdom resides in and the ancestral use of it.

  • The Vice are descendents of Queen Merla Seren, "Witch of the Swamp".











Kingdom Margret

An ancient Icelandic kingdom dating back to the bronze age. Ruins are spotted south of the country, however the living kingdom currently resides north. Margret is currently being ruled by King Einar Bernoduson- a half breed of Warlock and Arctric Elf; Brother of King Ram Bernoduson, son of King Bernodus Hallbjornson. Descendants of
Egill Skallagrímsson (a mortal(?)) and Vera The Brave (an Arctic Elf later married into the lineage several centuries after to Skröggur Vigsson.)

  • House Sigil is of an eye of an arctic wolf.
    "Blind Sight Sees All" 
    banner colours of White and Black

  • Second longest reign of all 13 kingdoms resides within the house descendants of Egil Skallagrimsson.


Kingdom Bastil

A kingdom in Ukraine's underground. A relatively young kingdom formed from a branch of Barathorn,
ruled by King Sora Volathean, a mortal mage.


  • Kingdom Bastil has a sigil of a Chimera,
    "Fight As Brothers, Rise As Kings"
    Banners colour of Gold and White.

  • Bastil is a young kingdom born out of rebellion against Warlock authority of Barathorn. A democratic rule that hails a house voted by the people.


Kingdom Thulefrig

An ancient kingdom residing in the North Americas (Nunavut), currently ruled by Ram Bernoduson (half breed of Warlock and Arctic Elf), Brother of King Einar Bernoduson, son of Bernodus Hallbjornson. Descendants of **Egill Skallagrímsson (**a mortal(?)) and Vera The Brave (an Arctic Elf later married into the lineage several centuries after to Skröggur Vigsson.)

A kingdom populated by arctic Elves and arctic nymphs.

  • House Sigil is of fangs of an arctic wolf.
    "The Bite of The Ice" ,
    banner colours of White and Blue.

  • King Einar Bernoduson won The Battle of Ice in Nunavut and gave his younger brother,
    King Ram Bernoduson, rule of the land with his choice of military, recognizing the independence of the rule 50 years later.


Kingdom Su'ta'kes

A neutral hybrid kingdom of mages, seers, Elves, and Mortals at the icey-wet north west of Newfoundland, Canada. The kingdom is mysterious in origin, earliest records depict it as a prison colony, with many 'unwanted' still being sent there today.
Governed by King Ruya Williams (half breed Mortal and Warlock), son of King Eric Williams IV, and his council.

  • House Sigil is of a smiling coyote with white tears,
    "In The Unfit We Revel" ,
    banner colours of White and Red.

  • King Eric Williams IV married a mortal princess whose name has never been revealed, and all those recorded to have tried have been executed.
    King Eric Williams IV believed in the purity of his wife and swore the protection of her name. Rumours say it may be an English Princess who was later known as Queen Elizabeth the first, causing a short rebellion in 1549.








So you can read, you can magick, BUT CAN YOU FUNK?

Rorin Lunderwood - town drunk of Bastil

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